M. Selvarasu, B.E., MBA
Director, LEED Accredited Professional & Faculty, USGBC & IGBC
Domain Expertise: Green advisory Services


Recipient of "Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana national award" for the year 2009-2010 for outstanding individual achievements & distinguished services to the nation in the environmental field.

Make this world a little better because we came into it

A small sentence with few words but enormous impact on my mind, body and intellect. In fact after a long stint in the corporate and institutional world, there was a deep urge in me to be part of a movement that would make a world of difference to the world that we live in. And what better movement can it be than the one for a greener world? With this clarity and vision, I have chosen to be part of the Green movement that would make this world a better place to live....for us and for our future generations.

I am an electrical engineer with a post-graduation in management with 23 years of work experience in the areas of Energy Management and Green Buildings.

I was instrumental in facilitating several iconic green buildings accross the globe. I have played a key role in indigenizing the LEED rating system of USGBC to suit the Indian context and formed LEED India rating system under IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). During my association with IGBC, I have been actively involved in various initiatives of WGBC (World Green Building Council).

Thus far, facilitated more than 70 projects achieving green ratings of different level and currently handling more than 200 projects across globe for green rating.

Written articles in several international magazines and presented papers in various international conferances accross country and abroad.   



CG Krishnan, M.E (Mechanical)
Director, LEED- Accredited Professional, Certified Energy Auditor
By Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), India
Domain Expertise: HVAC Design, Energy Modeling
MEP design Advisor


My fascination & passion for technology & entrepreneurship is very well reflected in my pursuit for engineering at an academic & professional level, and my move to the setting up of LEAD, our entrepreneurial venture.

always felt a huge time gap between the time an innovation or an idea or a technology came to the market in the west and the same came to our market quite later. It is my desire and endeavors to bridge the time gap and bring the same to our market ASAP. As part of this desire & endeavor, I have gone ahead, updated & equipped myself through various programs on the latest and best in my areas of experience and expertise-HVAC, Green Building Rating program, Energy Modeling, Lighting simulation and present the same to our clients here for mutual benefit. From the Stone Age to Industrial Age we have now moved into an age of Knowledge where it is the power of ideas that rules & dominates. I would like to be in the forefront of ideas in my areas of expertise to make a difference to the world that we live in.

Presenting myself, I am a Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduation in Refrigeration & Air conditioning with a work experience spanning over 15 years in the fields of HVAC, Energy & Green Buildings.I have worked as a HVAC Consultant on several projects for clients from IT companies, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls and Industries. I am a qualified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional of USGBC & Certified Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), India and a member of ASHRAE, USA

I have also gained expertise in Energy Modeling & Lighting Simulation after undergoing advanced energy modeling training at Architectural Energy Corporation(AEC), USA using internationally recognized software like Visual DOE - 4.1 (DOE 2.1 Engine), Ecotect & Radiance software for lighting Simulation. I am providing Energy Modeling & lighting simulation solutions to the various types of commercial & Industrial buildings.

In addition to the above, I am also involved with various green building projects accross the country.

I have written several articles for various international magazines on HVAC & Sustainability.  



N. R Lakshminarayanan- Director Technical
Electrical Engineer
Domain Expertise: Electrical Design Services,
MEP Design Advisor & Integration

Email: nrl@lcsind.org

I am an Electrical Engineer with a work experience spanning over 26 years in the fields of Electrical contracts and consultancy.

I am working as an Electrical Consultant for the past 16 years and completed several projects for clients from IT companies, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls and Industries. I have hands on experience in project execution having worked in contracts for more than 10 years. I have gained the expertise in product selection and good installation practices.

My line of interest is to prescribe the best technology available in the industry, try and adopt latest technologies for end users to get highly reliable products and sustainability.This interest has led to precise selection of high end power distribution equipment, switchgear, networking products viz., bus ways, cables etcextending to well engineered design which caters to higher uptime in power supply, lower maintenance, minimal network & low losses.

Over the years I have been practising the breaker selection through software simulation based on discrimination and co-ordination for over current, short circuit. I have further gained expertise in light fixture selection to meet aesthetics, functionality and energy conservation and best grounding system.

I have provided the grounding systems to address ground fault and to support derived and non derived neutral
systems - leading to minimizing number of electrodes and containing unwanted grounding network.

Today, I have in my credit many buildings provided with best grounding arrangement with bonding which are practised globally. I am well versed in providing design on extra low voltage system viz., security systems covering Access Control, CCTV, hospital management systems viz., nurse call and patient queuing.

With the present practices, the designs prescribed by me do comply with green building requirements, higher uptime & reliability



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