Electrical Engineering Systems Design & Architectural Lighting Design

“Electrical safety leads to fire safety”

Our expert team can design Electrical system for any size of IT commercial buildings, Residential, Retail, Hotel, Pharma, factories and Hospital buildings in compliance with IESNA / ASHRAE / ECBC / NBC /IGBC / US GBC/ Local Standards.

Preparation of BOQ, Tender specifications and detailed AUTO CADD Electrical design drawings that are good for construction.

Critical Electrical System design for Data Center (Green Data Center Design) of any size and density, Clean / Switch Room Applications in compliance with Tier (Uptime Certification) / ASHRAE / ECBC / NBC / Local Standards.

Large Electrical substation system design up to (220kV) includes sizing & selection of electrical equipment such as Power substation system design up to (220kV) & distribution systems like Transformers, RMV, DG Sets, UPS, HT & LT Switchgear. Preparation of load flow, short circuit, Voltage drop analysis. Coordination, discrimination study on the earthing system & lightning protection. The design scope also includes;

  • Lighting Design & Simulation through software
  • HT / LT Distribution Net work
  • EHT Switch Yard & Transformer Substation up 220 KV
  • Low Voltage System design includes Telecommunication system & Network, Security & CCTV Surveillance system and Access Control design