• Green Building Facilitation– USGBC, IGBC, GRIHA, Green Co, WELL, EDGE, PEER and Parksmart Rating.
  • HVAC– Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Design
  • ELEC– Electrical Engineering Systems design and Architectural Lighting Design
  • PHE, FIRE & LS – Public Health Engineering Design, Fire Detection and Life Safety System Design
  • BIM, IBMS & ELV– Building Information Modelling- CADD, Revit BIM- Operational BIM, Design of Inter-grated Building Management systems and Extra Voltage Systems
  • QS & CM– Quality Survey and Cost Management Services
  • EA, FLS & SA– Energy Audits, Building Fire and Life Safety Audits, MEP Due Diligence and Sustainability Reporting
  • MSI– Master System Integrators for Smart City/ Buildings ( IoT Platform+ Operational BIM)
  • ESG– Environmental Social and Governance reporting, GRI and Sustainability reporting
  • LCA & Research Projects– Life Cycle Assessments, ECBC Cells, Research projects from BEE, Green Policy Development and Implementation Projects.
  • TPC– Comprehensive/ LEED Third Party Commissioning
  • Simulations– Energy and Lighting Simulations, Passive Design Analysis, Wind, Shading, Sun-path, Insolation, Microclimate CFD.


  • Point-to-Point Automated Commissioning to Operation (ACO)
  • Power Analysis and Thermography study and reporting
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)
  • CFD Analysis, Site Survey and Project Management
  • Micro climate analysis
  • ECBC & ENS code implementation and approval
  • Green Audits
  • Eco labeling certification
  • Green company certification (Greenco from CII)