ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE: Environmental and Social Governance

ESG is a framework set in place that takes into consideration a wide array of organizational practices such as employee intake and well being, waste management/ recycling, to achieving Net-Zero and other environmental concerns. On checking of these frameworks set in place a company significantly enhances its ESG Performance.

Our unique selling proposition- “MEPF and Sustainability Green Services under one roof” harnesses our expertise in both areas and acts as an added advantage in ESG Consultancy. With a rich history of 650+ MEP Projects and 1500+ Sustainability Projects, the team at LCES is well equipped for the evolving ESG landscape.

LCES has a team of 150+ experts in Green Building Consultancy, Government advisory, services for energy code implementation, MEPF Design, BIM Modelling,Iot Design and Research and Development in Areas of Sustainability. LCES is also a proud member of both the US Green Building Council ( UGSBC) and the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). LEAD is committed to sustainability and ESG Excellence for corporate success.


  1. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made it mandatory for top 1000 fortune companies of India to report and disclose their ESG practices
  2. SEBI has announced rating of ESG and empanelment of consultants to conduct ESG assessments
  3. Transparency in ESG report also proves beneficial in enhancing organization brand image and reputation.



Expertise– Our dedicated ESG team comprises experienced professionals who are passionate about sustainability and ESG integration.

Tailored Solutions– We work closely with our clients to ESG strategies that align with specific goals and and values

Innovation- Continous investment in research and development ensuring that our ESG solutions remains relevant, updated and at the forefront of industry standards.


  • LEAD ESG Credentials