Fire Detection & Life Safety Design

“Know fire safety, no pain & no fire safety, know pain”

Our expert team can design complete fire protection & detection system design as per local authority regulations, NBC, NFPA & FM global standards, IS code requirements with pumps, sprinklers, flow switches, hydrants (internal & external), fire detection & alarm, public address system. The systems are also designed as per NFPA, UL & FM standards based on project requirement.

The design of pre-action water mist & water curtain system as per NFPA-13, fire/smoke curtains as per NBC, fire detection & alarm system, aspiration detection system for highly sensitive areas as per NPFA & EN codes as applicable. Design & Integration with building management system.

Gas based suppression system using Inergen (50, 200 & 300bar systems), FM-200, Novec-1230 for high-risk areas like large data rooms, server halls as per NFPA 2001. Aerosol suppression system for UPS & battery rooms as per NFPA 2010. Local flooding type gas suppression system for electrical panels.

The design of conventional, digital & hybrid public address system with or without background music & general announcements as per IS & EN guidelines.