GREEN FACILITATION: Our goal is to help our clients obtain a desired status of green building certification — green building recognition, while maintaining initial project expectations for quality, delivery cost, and schedule adherence. We will ensure that every stake holder is on-board and is instructed well in advance of what documentation needs to be provided and what they need to do to ensure the relevant criteria for each credit is met.

With a design thinking approach, integrated project management and our custom build tracking systems we can ensure that our projects are future ready and all the documentation required by the assessors is submitted to the respective certifying authority (GBCI, IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, EDGE, WELL).

Our projects footprint includes our prestigious projects with remarkable strike rate in Green Services:

  1. 350+ Buildings under GBCI
  2. 625+ Buildings under IGBC
  3. 10+ Buildings under GRIHA
  4. 5+ Buildings under EDGE
  5. 10+ Buildings under WELL

Green sustainability improves our living quality and protects our ecosystem. It is important and relevant for organizations of all sizes or industries. As social awareness regarding the need for green solutions increases, organizations can undertake several green initiatives to reduce their negative impact on the environment. These include using organic cleaning products, reducing the use of paper, using eco-friendly products, and using energy-saving equipment.

The main purpose of green initiatives is to deliver economic potential by natural assets on a sustainable basis. Green sustainability allows organizations to address different economic and environmental issues. It also paves the way for growth in different areas, including:

  • Productivity: Green incentives and the use of natural resources increases productivity.
  • Innovation: Green incentives allow more opportunities for innovation, stimulating new ways of handling environmental problems.
  • New markets: Green incentives create new markets because of the increase in the demand for green technologies, services, and goods. This also increases job opportunities.

Our approach is very unique and intends to provide integrated engineering services which focuses on sustainability, high-performance energy, keeping the CAPEX, OPEX at low to meet & exceed the international standards and local norms.

  • Green Facilitation for USGBC, IGBC, GRIHA, WELL, EDGE, PEER & PARKSMART Rating
  • Energy & Lighting Simulation
  • Third Party Building Commissioning
  • Green-Co rating for existing factories
  • Life Cycle Assessment- Product and Buildings
  • Carbon footprint study
  • Sustainability reporting