MEP Design Consultancy

MEP Design Approach

“We give life to your building by providing Energy, Water & Safety”

Our MEP design Philosophy is “Lowest Operational Cost (OPEX) through Least Capital Investment and sustenance”.

We understand your business needs and optimize the complete MEP network in the building through proper engineering co ordination under one roof. This reduces the maintenance hassle, optimize your capital investment & Operational expenditure.

We do the MEP system selection through internationally recognised software’s to arrive at the right system sizing and to measure the annual energy impact to make our final recommendation based on Return on Investment analysis (ROI).

HVAC Engineering Design

“Your weather will follow, wherever you go”

We provide you with the right cooling system design for your space which can save energy and meet your human comfort & safety.

Our expert team can design any type of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System from very large central plant to smaller VRF system and that includes the systems for Data Center, IT commercial buildings, Retail, Schools, Residential, Hotel, Pharma, factories, Hospital buildings and Master plan level system development.

Our HVAC team is always aware and on top of the latest developments in the field through active participation in a variety of professional organisation includes ASHRAE/ECBC/ASME/ISHRA/IGBC/USGBC/NBC/NABH. Our team ensures that our design is in compliance with international/local standards, as required for the project.

Preparation of BOQ, Tender specifications and detailed AutoCAD HVAC design drawings that are good for Construction (GFC) level of detail.

Critical HVAC System design for Data Center (Green Data Center Design) of any size and density, Clean / Switch Room Applications in compliance with Tier (Uptime Certification) /ASHRAE/ECBC/NBC/Local Standards.

HVAC system design includes Sizing the Chiller plant and ancillary equipment through internationally recognized software like HAP, Visual DOE & performing annual energy analysis to arrive suitable RO to select right system sizing and achieve high performance in the installed system. The design scope also includes:

  • Large Centralized Combined Cooling & Heating Water Plant (CCHP)
  • Passive Air Conditioning system
  • Chilled beam/ Radiant cooling system/Radiant panels
  • Geothermal/ Renewable Energy cooling system design solution to achieve high performance towards” Net Zero Building” design

Electrical Engineering Design

“Electrical safety leads to fire safety”

Our expert team can design Electrical system for any size of IT commercial buildings, Residential, Retail, Hotel, Pharma, factories and Hospital buildings in compliance with IESNA / ASHRAE / ECBC / NBC /IGBC / US GBC/ Local Standards.

Preparation of BOQ, Tender specifications and detailed AUTO CADD Electrical design drawings that are good for construction.

Critical Electrical System design for Data Center (Green Data Center Design) of any size and density, Clean / Switch Room Applications in compliance with Tier (Uptime Certification) / ASHRAE / ECBC / NBC / Local Standards.

Large Electrical substation system design up to (220kV) includes sizing & selection of electrical equipment such as Power substation system design up to (220kV) & distribution systems like Transformers, RMV, DG Sets, UPS, HT & LT Switchgear. Preparation of load flow, short circuit, Voltage drop analysis. Coordination, discrimination study on the earthing system & lightning protection. The design scope also includes;

  • Lighting Design & Simulation through software
  • HT / LT Distribution Net work
  • EHT Switch Yard & Transformer Substation up 220 KV
  • Low Voltage System design includes Telecommunication system & Network, Security & CCTV Surveillance system and Access Control design

Public Health Engineering Design

“Save Water to Save Life on Earth”

Our Plumbing Engineers are well aware that Water and Energy are used efficiently to make your building overall sustainable.

Our expert team can design complete Plumbing system for any type of building in compliance with international code/uniform plumbing code (UPC)/ NBC / IGBC / US GBC as applicable and provide the following design:

  • Water supply system like storing, treatment and Distribution.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant system like collection, treatment, reuse and disposal
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) like collection, treatment, reuse and disposal
  • Rain water harvesting systems – Collect & reuse, recharging and deep recharging etc.
  • Solid Waste management systems including all types of composters and Bio Gas plant etc.

Preparation of BOQ, Technical specifications and detailed drawings in Cadd or BIM as per the project requirement.

Designing of Sewage treatment plant sizes from several MLD’s (million litres per day) to 1 KLD (kilo litre per day) for your individual home.

Designing of Water distribution systems by the Hydro-pneumatic system, Gravity System, and Hybrid systems, as per the project requirement with economy and ease of maintenance.

Automation of pumping arrangements to suit to project requirement. Designing of Hot Water generation by using solar, electrical heat pumps, diesel and other fuels.

Water distribution, drainage system and storm water management system for large campuses is designed with centralized treatment plant & pumping stations. Water leak detection & Rodent repellent system for the specific area.

Fire Detection & Life Safety Design

“Know fire safety, no pain & no fire safety, know pain”

Our expert team can design complete fire protection & detection system design as per local authority regulations, NBC, NFPA & FM global standards, IS code requirements with pumps, sprinklers, flow switches, hydrants (internal & external), fire detection & alarm, public address system. The systems are also designed as per NFPA, UL & FM standards based on project requirement.

The design of pre-action water mist & water curtain system as per NFPA-13, fire/smoke curtains as per NBC, fire detection & alarm system, aspiration detection system for highly sensitive areas as per NPFA & EN codes as applicable. Design & Integration with building management system.

Gas based suppression system using Inergen (50, 200 & 300bar systems), FM-200, Novec-1230 for high-risk areas like large data rooms, server halls as per NFPA 2001. Aerosol suppression system for UPS & battery rooms as per NFPA 2010. Local flooding type gas suppression system for electrical panels.

The design of conventional, digital & hybrid public address system with or without background music & general announcements as per IS & EN guidelines.

BIM / Revit – 3D MEP Design

“The future belongs to the integrators”

We can use Revit MEP to create 3D modelling environment. In this environment, our team can visualize, check the complex systems to avoid conflicts within MEP design and with other building systems.

There are clear benefits of applying the BIM process into the design such as precise multi-disciplinary coordination, continuous transparency through the design as well as early clash detection. This helps us produce more consistent quality drawings and hugely benefits the construction team by giving more design clarity as a result construction time & money saved.

Codes And Standards