Public Health Engineering Design

“Save Water to Save Life on Earth”

Our Plumbing Engineers are well aware that Water and Energy are used efficiently to make your building overall sustainable.

Our expert team can design complete Plumbing system for any type of building in compliance with international code/uniform plumbing code (UPC)/ NBC / IGBC / US GBC as applicable and provide the following design:

  • Water supply system like storing, treatment and Distribution.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant system like collection, treatment, reuse and disposal
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) like collection, treatment, reuse and disposal
  • Rain water harvesting systems – Collect & reuse, recharging and deep recharging etc.
  • Solid Waste management systems including all types of composters and Bio Gas plant etc.

Preparation of BOQ, Technical specifications and detailed drawings in Cadd or BIM as per the project requirement.

Designing of Sewage treatment plant sizes from several MLD’s (million litres per day) to 1 KLD (kilo litre per day) for your individual home.

Designing of Water distribution systems by the Hydro-pneumatic system, Gravity System, and Hybrid systems, as per the project requirement with economy and ease of maintenance.

Automation of pumping arrangements to suit to project requirement. Designing of Hot Water generation by using solar, electrical heat pumps, diesel and other fuels.

Water distribution, drainage system and storm water management system for large campuses is designed with centralized treatment plant & pumping stations. Water leak detection & Rodent repellent system for the specific area.