QS & CM as an Embedded Service

Quantity Survey (QS) and Cost Management (CM) Services

  • ONE agency responsible for overall project development & management: design to costing
  • Adopt and Ensure Cost consciousness from Concept to Construction
  • Sharing Cost Data and advise Employer for options & optimizations from design & energy engineering perspective
  • Advice and Assist Employer on Vendor Sourcing and Procurement of Construction Contracts
  • MEPF and QS / Cost Engineering professionals collaborate as a TEAM to deliver projects.
  • QS add value to the building process and optimise expenses .
  • QS are versed in uncovering opportunities to save money – opportunities that fly under the radar of most people.
  • QS can closely monitor processes and supply you with reports on the progress made shall significantly reduces the risk of delays and other setbacks.
  • QS can assess cost effects when changes to the project occur, such as delays, and agree on ‘variation’ with contractors.
  • Less need to consult other party on design and cost matters.

QS & CM Approach

Comprehensive cost planning and cost reporting

  • The cost planning is carried out on defined design stages ensuring the design aligns with budget, creating greater potential for project cost optimization
  • The analysis of economic ratios helps in value engineering the design effectively
  • The strategic procurement planning is aligned with the cost planning process
  • The planned costs are constantly and elaborately tracked on a monthly basis

Effective Tendering Process

  • The tender design information is reviewed to close open aspects wherever possible and minimise the level of approximation in the Bills of Quantities as well as the given design information is without any ambiguity.
  • Use of standard forms like FIDIC (Red Book 1987) which is fair and reasonable form of Contract amended for local market practice and project requirements
  • Comprehensive contract / tender documentation by understanding the Clients objectives and contract administration requirements
  • Thorough analysis of tenders, precise and concise tender reporting for effective tender negotiations by drafting and implementing effective tender analysis process like rate validating etc.

Audited Payment Process

  • Payments and variations are recommended based on approved good for construction drawings and formal instructions to provide an auditable record of valuations.

Site visits done for progress checks for payment purposes An established internal process audit system during the construction stage to improve the quality level of the payment recommendation and variation assessment process


  • High-level strategic cost advice
  • Cost planning and cost modeling
  • Benchmarking against a database of historic key performance indicators
  • Feasibility studies and development cost appraisals
  • Procurement and contractual advisory services
  • Cost management of projects throughout the project duration
  • Employer’s agent services and contract administration
  • Project Fund monitoring in close interaction with Employer

Contractual Claims review and advise

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