10 Reasons Why You Must Partner With a Green Building Consultant

green building consultants in Delhi
Author: Jonas Akula

You must use a green building consultant for your construction project to get the best results. They are experts in LEED-certified projects and sustainable design. Finding the best green building consultants in Delhi is difficult. But, if you put in some effort, you can quickly locate one with ease. 

Why Use Green Building Consultant

The best part about these consultants is that they might also specialize in Energy Star and different green building rating methods and systems. Their experience can add value to your project in indescribable ways. For example, teams that do not have experience can bank on their knowledge and expertise to take the project in the right direction. 

Similarly, experienced teams, on the other hand, can use the expertise of the consultants in critical areas of the project. They can set the tone for sustainability goals during the initial kick-off meeting. When the project is complete, they can prepare all the necessary documentation for the LEED online system. 

In a nutshell, a green building consultant that partners with you plays a prominent role in making a project successful. You need to pick the right consultant if you want to get the best outcome for the project.

Pick the Right Consultant

When you are scouting for a company that provides this service, look for firms with vast experience in catering LEED certification products such as Core and Shell (CS), New Construction (NC), Existing Buildings (EB&OM), Commercial Interiors (CI), Homes, and Schools. 

If a firm has experience in all of these areas, that’s excellent. One another thing that you should check is to see if the company has accredited professionals as their staff. Even if the firm is not LEED accredited, you need to check if the team working for them are having the accreditation before taking things forward. 

Now, the golden question is, what exactly can a green building consultant can do for your project. Here are the reasons why you must have a consultant on your side:

Establish Sustainability Goals for the Project

The entire project team will meet with the consultant and brainstorm ideas, insights, and methods before deciding on sustainability goals. It is going to be an interactive and dynamic session.

Project Requirements of the Owner

Yes, this is one of the crucial aspects of a project. Owners of the projects have thoughts, ideas, and concepts that they think the project should meet to succeed. One of the consultant’s jobs is to draft this document and establish the requirements early on so that the project team does not lose focus. 

The Design Documentation

The Eco consultant will then develop design information that is crucial if you want the project to meet the owner’s requirement. Now, the documentation includes all of the following:

System Descriptions




Indoor Environmental Quality Criteria

References and Assumptions related to Applicable Codes

green building consultant

Preliminary LEED Evaluation Form or Checklist

Using this checklist or form as a tool, one can evaluate to check all the design elements.

Project Registration in LEED

It is an online process that the consultant needs to follow to register the project under GBCI. After which, they gain access to the entire certification process, including the credit templates. 

Design Consulting

It is wise to use the consultant to integrate the sustainable concepts with the building design. Most of the professional eco-building consultants have architects working for them. Doing this is critical to avoid any mistakes when the project starts. Because if there is a mistake during this phase, things can go haywire after completing the project. 

Review and Assistance in Developing Specifications

Green building consultants should have experience in writing the specifications to help the contractors know how things work. The contractors responsible for a specific job need to know that they have to document the credits once they complete a related task. 

Review the Documentation at Every Stage

Consultants use the certification criteria to check the progress of the project. They need to check the construction, schematic designs, and design development documents at every stage. A professional consultant keeps a tab of all project developments right from the shop drawing process to the final documentation. 

Certification Documentation (LEED)

It is an online process and requires all the project teams to participate. A person with vast experience needs to lead this meeting to ensure that they record everything in detail. 

Tell the Story

Green Projects have some of the finest stories to share. You can use these stories to market your brand and the project. An ECO building consultant will help do this task for you by working with your marketing and public relations team. 

These are some of the incredible benefits you enjoy when working with the best green building consultants in Delhi. You should, therefore, take time to scout to find the best one in the country.